5 Things to Do During Any Job Interview

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When applying for a job, to take into account that any company starts their selection process by going through resumes/CVs and calling potential candidates in for an interview. If you already applied for the job and are waiting for that call, or if you already have that interview scheduled for your dream job, then you should definitely take into account the following tips our team of experts have put together just for you:

  • Be on time: Not only do you need to be on time for your interview, but we recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early. You need to take into consideration traffic, delays in public transportation, the fact that you might not be exactly sure where the place is, etc. It is definitely better to arrive a bit earlier than expected than to show up half an hour late with a lame excuse. Remember, first impressions are extremely important in these cases.
  • Dress appropriately: Sometimes, finding the perfect outfit is not easy, especially for women. For situations like job interviews, the best thing to do is choose the safe option. Go for the classics, pencil skirts, blouses, a modern pant suit, in neutral colors with a little pop of color. Never exaggerate on makeup, leave the heavy eyeshadow and liner for the club. Just a few accessories and you will be ready to knock their socks off!
  • Be honest: Try to have your strenghts and weaknesses all worked out before the interview. The company will definitely value your honesty in this regard and, this way, you can put aside the so called “perfect candidate” profile. In the following job interview course we offer you an opportunity to create and practice all of these answers before the interview so that your honesty will come completely naturally.


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  • Use the resources at hand: If you already have some work experience, take advantage of the knowledge and tools you acquired while at those jobs. Furthermore, recruiters tend to ask about the reason you are leaving your current position; the best you can do is give an honest answer, always try not to talk negatively about your current or previous employer. In the interview course above, we teach you how to easily formulate that exact response.
  • Do your homework: Never go to a job interview without having done a bit of research about the company and about the position you are applying for. This way, you will not be caught off guard by the interviewer.

You are now officially ready for your next job interview! Remember, do not be scared of being yourself, doing that and following these great recommendations, we are sure you will get that job you have always dreamed of having!

Vanessa Fardi / NEUVOO

Team Leader US/CA/LATAM

Thanks Vanessa for the insight and for sharing your expertise with us!

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