Boxer The Horse

The truth about your job is you are probably giving your life to someone else for the right to make them money.

You are just struggling through, holding your nose as you wade through the stink of a bad career until you can make it to retirement. But a pivotal character in a classic book illustrates the truth about this thinking.

Boxer the Horse.

When you read “Boxer The Horse” do you think of anything? If the image of an underground, indie rock back enters your mind, then you are much better versed in the rock scene than me. I had no idea that Boxer The Horse was anything but a character in the classic book Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

If you haven’t read this book, don’t start until you have a firm grasp on Joseph Stalin, communism, democracy and the political climate surrounding Russian during Stalin’s reign.

If you don’t really care to take a history lesson, let me tell you about the most interesting character (to me) who seems to transcend time and technology.

Boxer is literally a work horse. He is a sweet and caring animal who is integral in keeping the farm running. He believes the boss is always right, even if he doubts it, and he always thinks that he just needs to work harder. He only knows four letters of the alphabet at a time, but plans on learning the rest after his career as a work horse is over.

Unfortunately for Boxer there is no retirement in his future. When he falls over from too much work one day, the pigs sell him to the knacker’s yard, for a case of whiskey. The knacker’s yard is where he is slaughtered.

I have been Boxer the horse. I have felt like the work horse whose only contribution to society was the work I produced. We spend the majority of our lives at work and most of us are not happy with what we are doing. We do what the boss tells us, trusting that in the end there is a nice relaxing time when we will get to do all the things we want to do in life.sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkin

Then it turns out to be untrue. We reach retirement exhausted, sick, broke or dead. We can’t do the things we wanted to do and we live out the remainder of our lives wondering what might have been.

But we don’t have to. There has never been a better time to start something, drag up, make a ruckus or design your own future. We are in the middle of a work revolution, that won’t last forever, but today we can be anything we want. We can be a speaker, an artist or a singer. We can take classes on line, buy and sell products, become evangalists or just spread a message.

If you feel like you are Boxer the horse, change something. We are teaching people exactly how to live life on their terms and design the life that Boxer wanted to live. If you are ready for a new job, or want to build a lifestyle business, we would love for you to join us. But even if you don’t, I hope you will find a way to live the life that you deserve. One day we will all be out of time. We will look back on days like this and either be happy that we seized the opportunity, or wish that we had.

What do you think Boxer thought on that day?