Dealing With Non-Believers

Seth Godin tells a story about the first host of the Tonight Show, Steve Allen.

He explains that one night, as he was doing a monologue, Steve noticed a person in the audience who wasn’t clapping. As the bit drew on, nothing he did could get this person to clap. As he focused on the one person in the room who, he thought wasn’t enjoying the humor he devised a plan. He decided to go into the audience and ask this person why they weren’t cheering for the great comedy that he had worked so hard to develop.head-1345060_640

As he walked into the crowd he had the lights turned up. With everyone watching to see what he planned to do to this person who obviously deserved a public berating, Steve approached the chair they were in, drawing attention. Just before he could really lay into them he saw the problem.

The person had no arms.

Mark Twain said-

I am an old man and I have know many troubles, most of which never happened.

If you are starting something new, or big, or different, there will be people who don’t understand. There will be people who don’t cheer you on and there will be critics.

Go make your change. Never focus on the haters.

They just may not be able to get it.