You can’t have the best career ever if you aren’t healthy.

I just spoke with a gentleman who explained to me that he planned to continue chewing tobacco because he had just heard of a person that lived to be 90, who smoked and drank their entire adult life.

For the rest of us who use our brains, here is an incredible resource, on a real study, about more than one person who lived long, healthy lives.

In the incredible book The Blue Zone Solution by Dan Buettner, we discover that there are areas in the world where heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and a host of other health problems almost don’t exist. These places are called “blue zones” and they are places where it is very likely to become a healthy 100 year old. The shocking part of the book is blue zones can exist right here in the U.S.! Our diet and lifestyle have almost everything to do with longevity and Dan explains, very clearly what the people in these zones do differently than most of us.

I’m not mad at you if you do things that harm your health. We all make dumb choices. But don’t justify them with bad science.