This message is stolen, plagiarized and re purposed from Andy Stanley. Check out the original message here.

I don’t think my business will work. I’m not grabbing your attention with a catchy headline or trying to play on your fears to get you to read on. There are days, many days, when I don’t think this business is going to succeed.

Even though I am having great success right now, and my course is doing well, I wake up many mornings thinking I have made my last dollar.

I have a full coaching schedule and yet, I feel I have influenced the last person I will ever influence.

I have overcome substance abuse, a criminal record, poverty to the point of sleeping in a trash trailer and dropping out of high school and life when I was 17 to find a bit of success, but I feel that the days of sleeping in question-mark-213692_640garbage are not as far behind me as I want.

And then I feel bad about feeling bad. I feel like I am weak for having this incredible doubt that ebbs and flows but never goes away. I feel ungrateful, in-confident, irrelevant and tacky to look at all of the fortunate things in my life and still have doubt.

And that is wrong.

Doubt is part of the equation, doubt is part of being human. It’s part of winning and losing and life itself. Having doubt is not a weakness anymore than breathing air. It’s what we do with doubt that proves us weak or strong. Doubt is everywhere. It has been in every book, business, battle or beautiful thing that ever happened, including the greatest event in history.

On the day that Mary ran to the Apostles to tell them that Jesus’ body was gone, none of them said “He must be resurrected. He told us he would come back and now he’s here!”

The men who lived, preached, traveled, battled and loved Christ as closely as anyone ever could . . .

doubted him.

They were human, after all.

Don’t wallow in your doubt. It is not a shortcoming. Wave and smile at it on the way to your next success.

During this time of year we celebrate the birth of our Savior, but it’s important to remember that He was part of a plan, that included you becoming your best!

Merry Christmas!