How to Get a Job With No Experience

How to get a job with no experience. 

write-593333_640Getting hired with no experience can be tough if you don’t know how to do it. But we’ve strung together a few tips that will help you walk into job interviews with confidence and walk out with a job!

It’s a whole lot different than what you should do after losing a job or how to get promotions at work. It’s actually a good thing that you are looking for a job with no experience.

Identify what you want to do

Be realistic here, they probably aren’t going to hire you to do heart surgery, but your skills and talents could be more valuable than you think.

Your perspective on technology is experience. Don’t be afraid to go after spots on the social media management team. This article from explains that your generations has completely changed the environmental landscape with social media. Your natural insights into this shift is incredible valuable! You may have more experience there than some of your competition.

What things do you like to do all day? Go after a position that allows you to do that. Make a list of the activities you enjoy. Do you see a trend in this list? If you do, you are probably really good at it, and that could be who you are professionally by next week.

Identify businesses where you’d like to work

You actually have an advantage. When someone loses a job or is looking for a promotion at work, they are tilted towards some really poor job searching habits. You, on the other hand haven’t learned any of these bad habits because you don’t have any experience. boardroom

People usually start their job search by looking at jobs boards, classified ads and sites like Craigslist. The jobs that are posted there are jobs nobody wants. Start with a map and identify 10-20 great companies close to you, or if you work remotely, 10-20 companies where you’d like to work. Trust me, great companies are always hiring great people.

Most of the best jobs never make it to Craigslist because the friends and family of the people who work there snag them up before they go public! You are about to be one of those people!

So make a list of the places you want to work and forget about the help wanted signs!

Create a great resume for your first job

Resumes that work for your first job always are honest, but they put you in the very best light possible. To write a great resume when you don’t have much experience to mention, you have to take the things you have done and link them to a desire the business will have.

For instance, if you have a YouTube channel with 350 subscribers, it may not seem like a big deal to you. But look at the businesses on your list and check their subscribers. If you have more than they do, you do have very valuable experience that needs to show up on your resume.

Check their social media channels. Can you improve them? How does their staff dress? Maybe your sense of fashion can help. You don’t want to insult them on your resume, but if you notice a flaw you can improve upon, make sure your resume reflects that skill.

For more info, check out this article on how to create a resume for your first job.


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Learn and practice job interview questions and answers.

Job interview questions and answers seem like some massive secret, looming over your future. But in reality, they aren’t. They are a simple, predictable conversation you are about to nail because you are ready for it.

interview-editedMost people go into a job interview completely unprepared, but in reality, job interview questions are easy to prepare for. They are simply designed to cause you to tell the interviewers a few important things about yourself such as, if you are honest, if you will show up to work and if you will cause trouble while you are there.

Remember, those businesses on your list only want you to give them a service that will make them money, or make their life easier while they make money. So the job interview questions and your answers only need to reflect that.

Here is a great guide on the ten most common job interview questions and answers

Try to connect with someone in the company

Now that you know 10-20 great companies where you would like to work, it should be easy for you to identify or connect with people who work there. You can connect on social media but the best connections are always personal.

Do not friend someone and then ask them for a job!

Friend them and when you realize you both enjoy sushi mention to them your favorite local sushi place. Start a conversation. If they are scheduled for the same meet up as you, make sure you find them and talk to them while you’re there. At this point you are not looking for a job, you are just connecting.

If this person is someone you like, who thinks you are funny and or smart, (or both) then it’s a no-brainer to hire you with your skill set and awesome jokes!

Or, if you already know people who work where you’d like to work, reach out! Remember you are making connections, not looking for a job, yet.

Show up at the companies, with your great resume, in person

Now that you know where you want to work, what you want to do, have a great resume and know someone int the company, it’s time to show up!

You will walk through the door with your head up, looking clean and professional with an awesome resume in your hand. When you are stopped by the front desk you will smile and tell them you’d like to see your friend who works there. They will call in your friend who will be happy to see you. You will tell that funny one-liner you guys like so much and laugh.

Then, when she asks you what your doing, you will explain that you think it’s time to go to work and you’d love to work in a place that hires people like her. You are no longer wondering how to get a job with no experience, you are a very cool person, with a great resume, who will add a ton of value to the company and who already knows the interview questions and answers!

At this point hiring you is really just a formality!

Follow up your visit two days later

If you need, show up in person two days later to follow up. But you probably won’t have to!

They usually call you if you’ve done everything right.

Finding a job with no experience seems like a tough thing to do. But now that isn’t what you are doing. At this point you are going to work with a friend at a great company, where you will be super valuable and love your job.

You completely changed the dynamic of the situation. The ball is in your court to go out and get hired!

Want a resume and cover letter template that will "help" the hiring manager choose you?

We  put all the psychology of fonts, colors and designs into this matching resume kit, and you can have it for free!


We take your privacy very seriously