Your Job Is Like the Titanic

Undoubtedly you know the story of the Titanic, and how it was like your last job search,

or do you?

It is common knowledge that the “unsinkable” ship struck an iceberg and sunk in the early morning of April 15th 1912, killing over 1500 people. But do you know why the boat hit the iceberg?

Because no one saw it in time.

At the last minute Second Officer David Blair was removed from the crew of the Titanic. In his haste he left a very small, but very important detail unchecked. Officer Blair forgot to leave a locker key behind. The key that he failed to leave was the only key that opened a locker, which housed a crucial piece of technology. It was the locker containing the binoculars for the lookout person in the crow’s nest, the person in charge of watching for icebergs.

The devil is in the details.

What small thing are you leaving out  of your job search, resume or interview practice that could make all the difference?

Are the colors on your resume right? Are you sure you want to work at the next place you interview? Do you know the questions, and the answers for your next interview?

These are details you need to know, and we can help you get them.

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