What To Do After Losing a Job

Losing a job doesn’t define you. Finding the right one can change everything!

So it was a bad day. On the commute home you had to figure out why you lost your job today, you just got fired, you were laid off, or you head-1345060_640quit. This wasn’t the same as when you needed to know how to write a resume with no experience or how to get a job with no experience. This was different. Despite the churning thoughts in your mind, you really need to know two things.

1 How this happened so you can avoid it in the future.

2 What to do now.

Maybe not in that order!

Here are the top 3 reasons people and jobs clash and the six steps to landing a job that won’t end in disaster next time!

Bad Leadership

Your last boss was an idiot. Okay the seven bosses above you, the hiring manager, the dust bunny and linen stain coordinator and the time card Nazi were all idiots. In this post on Success, YEC lists the 15 traits of a terrible leader. You may be the victim of bad leadership. Don’t let the stink of a bad job follow you into your next opportunity. Let the toxic workplace go. Below we’ll show you how to find companies with good leadership, and probably no dust bunny and linen stain coordinator!

Poor Culture

This is usually a by-product of bad leadership, but not always. Sometimes the gossipy, toxic, grime of the bad workplace happens only when a good boss isn’t looking. You deserve to never quit, or get fired over a bad culture again. In this article in Forbes, Shane Atchison explains 10 ways to tell if a company has a poor culture. You have to know this so you can avoid the problem next time!

Bad Fit

Lets face it, you just didn’t fit in. It was like that weird high school break-up where the sentence, “It isn’t you, it’s me,” was followed by, “but we can still be friends.” The truth is, you can’t still be friends, so quit calling, don’t go study together and move on! You just weren’t right for each other. Maybe it was you and maybe it was them, but one way you can tell if you will be right for the next fling is a DiSC profile.

So here is what you do!

Enjoy your first day off!

Do not start your job search desperate. I did extensive research and found that exactly 0% of deaths occur from someone losing their job, getting fired, or getting laid off! You are going to be fine. At some point this will just be something that happened in the massive pile of experience you will have.

Think of it this way, you just got an unexpected day off!

Go for that long run, take the kids out of school and build a fort out of blankets, sleep in, but whatever you do, calm down! Shannon Smith, in this article on Lifehacker says don’t panic. It is so important that you examine the truth of your situation and the truth is, you have Lifewise! We won’t allow you to stay fired, laid off or let go! When you look back on your life, you will be glad you enjoyed this day!

Research opportunities that fit your life

Okay, the party is over! Time to get to work. But, what ever you do, DO NOT start with the classified ads! Start with yourself. You have to know where you are financially, what you need right away and where you are headed with your career. You need a job that fits your needs so . .

1 What are your immediate financial needs? Do you need to mow a lawn today or can you spend two months searching? If you need money right away, don’t waste time with the classified ads. Find the nearest “Help Wanted” sign and go to work. Go deliver pizza or change oil as a job while you pursue your career.

2 You have the opportunity to fix everything that was wrong with your last job! So take it! What would you like to have in your next job that was missing from your last position? Make sure that you are going after the right job! Did your previous work fit your personality? screen-shot-2017-06-20-at-8-00-11-amHow was the commute? Was it good for your family? How was your income? Now that you have some time, use it to go after GREAT jobs!

3 Find 10-20 companies that fit your standards. You aren’t looking for companies that are hiring, you are looking for companies that fit you! Don’t worry, in the next step you will learn how to get them to want you as much as you want them!

Build a killer resume!

Your resume has one job, to get you an interview! Here is the number one mistake I see with resumes.

Too much information! 

You just lost your job and right now you are trying to prove that you are worth having around. But if you spill your guts about everything you’ve ever done, how you did it, when you did it and why it’s the best thing in the world, you are killing your chances.

Here is why.

If I write that I used social media to build a huge following for the Potato Peelers of America (sorry if that’s a real thing) and I grew their sales by 130%, a company that already has a huge social media presence could look at that and say,

We already have that.

Even though it was your copy writing that made it happen, you are a hard worker, you remember every persons birthday in the office and you know lots of great jokes, they think you’re the social media candidate. Only tell them you grew sales by 130%. It is enough information to qualify you and make them curious, but will not rule you out.

Create a specific resume for each business. Make sure that a resume tells a company, “I am the person you are looking for,” unless you are a writer, then it says, “I am the person for whom you are looking!” Don’t make a generic resume that goes out to everyone the same way. This is huge!.

Write a killer cover letter that is short, intriguing, and leaves enough of an informations gap that the reader wants to turn the page to see what’s on the resume. Again too much info can wreck a cover letter. We use a psychological recipe that is almost impossible to resist! We use a combination of intrigue, timing, and a few other triggers that almost guarantee curiosity, which is what you are after. The point is that you want them to want to know more.


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Get in front of the decision makers

Research great companies with great cultures and DO NOT wait for them to be hiring. You probably know the place you would like to work. Find a way to get in the front door, even if it means  . . .

walking through the front door! 

Most great places do not need to advertise their openings, they have a pile of people waiting to get it. Make sure you are in that pile! Be creative! Spend a day pulling the weeds on the property until someone asks you what you are doing, valet cars for free, or deliver a pizza with your resume printed inside the box. Do what it takes to get in front of the right person, (without being spammy!) Here’s a tip, whatever you do to get there MUST make them smile! Also, don’t be afraid to connect on social media with the decision maker. Don’t ask for a job, just connect.

Prep for interviews

The difference between champions and everyone else is practice. Your interview is a competition. Forbes says for every average job screen-shot-2017-06-20-at-7-51-22-amopening there are 118 candidates! If you aren’t practicing you will get left behind. This article  shows you exactly how to answer any job interview question.

Study the questions you think they might ask during the interview. In our Job Interview Course we show you the top 30 most common questions, give you three video practice interviews, teach you a proven method for overcoming nerves, give you a month of preparation checklists and tons more. If you want to win your next interview, find a way to practice!

Land your dream job!

If you take every step we recommend you will get a job. It is that simple. Not because we are great (even though we are) but because of all of the steps you have taken to put yourself ahead of the competition.

You are relaxed and confident, you are interviewing at 10-20 companies that are a great fit, you have a killer resume, you are speaking with the decision makers and you are an interview pro. The only step left is to weed through the incredible job offers and decide which one you want! Remember, getting laid off, let go, or fired isn’t who your are, it’s something that happened.

Take this advice and use it to jump ahead in your career! Soon you’ll be wondering how to get a promotion at work fast!

Want a resume and cover letter template that will "help" the hiring manager choose you?

We  put all the psychology of fonts, colors and designs into this matching resume kit, and you can have it for free!


We take your privacy very seriously