Hacking Social Media

Hacking Social Media Job Search Guide

The Challenge

Success magazine says that 80% of jobs are never posted or advertised. Most jobs get filled by people the with whom the company is familiar. The jobs that make it to jobs boards and social media are usually not great opportunities. So how do you use social media, without getting stuck in the trap of landing the same old version of the last job that didn’t work out.

The Solution

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know?”  Well it’s true. So how can you be that who? In a word, network!  These social media tips will help you cut the line and be the who that THEY know!

These are the numbers of hiring managers who hire and research hires on social media

Career Builder did the research on which industries use the most and which use the least

Hiring managers use social media regularly, professional business services don't. Who do you think is more likely to hire you?






Financial Services


Health Care






Professional Business Services

Cut the line and find the good jobs


The number one career network. This is the first place to start.


One and a half BILLION people on Facebook. If it happens, it happens here.


The network may be losing market share but it’s an easy research tool, and will be for the next few years.

This is the number one professional recruitment social media account you can be on. Think of it as a living resume of your experience and ability and a super collection of everybody who is connected to the companies you want to work for!

The places you want to work are on Linkedin, you should be too.

Do a search on your dream company and you will find people in your circle who work there, who have done projects there or people who know people who work there. This will show you exactly who to talk to about getting hired. These are the people that know about the next great job opportunity, so connect with them. Share helpful articles that will help them with their job. Use titles like, “I thought you might find this interesting,” or, “I saw you asked about x problem. Inc. wrote this article I thought would be helpful.” Talk to them after you’ve helped a few tims, ask what you need to do to become a candidate for the next job. Don’t be surprised when they say, “Wow, we are actually looking to hire someone right now.” Make sure you have a killer resume ready to go at that moment!

The power of Facebook is in the groups, but not how you think. You can join the now hiring, and job hunting groups and find jobs, but these are the equivalent of the classified section of newspapers. Remember, most good jobs don’t get posted. If you are waiting for a job offer to come to you, you will get what nobody else wants.

Join groups that include the people and companies that you want to associate with. If you are a roofer, don’t wait for a job to open on the roofing job group that has 23,000 members all looking for work.

You want to connect with that company BEFORE they give out all of the good jobs.

Join the roofing company owners group. Look for the roofing sales groups. Then, get involved. Show off your knowledge of roofing by helping people, starting conversations and providing value.

This leads to more opportunities than you can imagine.

Twitter can be tough. It is one platform that has definitely lost share in the market. So it can be a difficult platform, if you don’t know this one hack! It is hard to filter through the endless stream of tweets to find the one that matters. And, if you aren’t following the people who are hiring you’ll never know when they hire, right?


This one hack will help you see the job opportunities from anyone, follower or not. It takes time for this to work, but it does work.
In the search bar type this . . .
“hiring a ______” or “looking for a ______” or “need a _______”
Make sure you include the quotation marks, and in the blank, write what you do. You will find quite a few results but if you pick through you will find the person who is “hiring a roofer” or “looking for a roofer” or “needs a roofer.”

Then just reply to them, telling them how interested you are, with a link to your LinkedIn page.
This is something you can do in two minutes, but remember, you have to have a good/clean Twitter page.

A Final Thought

Social Media is a GREAT tool for networking, but actually being social works much better. Use these ideas to actually get in front of the right people. Do everything you can to meet more people. Volunteer, go to ball games, join a hiking group, take a class do something that will put you in touch with the people who know about the jobs you want. Who do you go to church with? What are the parents of your children’s friends? Are you in a social club, mastermind group, Elks lodge or cult? These people are your best resource when it you want to find a great job.