Mr. Henderson is by far my favorite!”

-Aimee, Chino Valley High School

“This has been awesome. We love having John here”

-Steve, Sober Living

“John has rapidly become most of our clients favorite speaker”


-Janette, Arizona Juvenile Probation

“So called motivational speakers’ don’t motivate people to change behavior”



Why would we include the last quote in this list? Because if you are looking for a motivational speaker, who lives in a van down by the river, John is not your guy. Chuck Close said “Motivation is for amateurs” and we couldn’t agree more.

Hire John to help change behaviors in your organization or clientele, to look at problems from a different perspective or to show you things that you wouldn’t normally see. But if you are looking for  reused quotes and empty philosophy, we don’t have it.

John has seen both sides of many equations. He has been the problem and the solution. He is exactly who you want if you want to get inside the thoughts of the addict, the mind of the troublemaker or the head of the workforce. No one can stand in front of as many  groups of people and say “I understand” as succinct and uniquely as John.

He has spoken to audiences from addiction counseling programs to multi-million dollar companies all around the nation. His audiences have worn suits and handcuffs and his perspective has wowed them all.

John specializes in shifting culture and thinking in organizations and individuals. He has moved his own life from addiction in inspiration, has lived in the back of a car and on three of the Hawaiian Islands and went from high school dropout to college professor and author.

To find out more about hiring John, or inquiring about his pro bono work with qualifying organizations, contact us below.

“In a multitude of counselors there is safety”



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